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We provide electronic document storage for public and private organisations enabling cost reduction and improved information retrieval.

Storage and the retrieval of any documents is a major problem for businesses. There is a growing burden for storing records and with storage space being very expensive, it makes sense to investigate an electronic archive storage system. Once we have implemented the system, you'll wonder how you ever coped without it.

Electronic document storage is a method of scanning images and digitally storing them, for example on a CD-ROM or directly onto your PC. These images are then indexed, allowing you to retrieve any image without the need to leave your desk.

Once the images are captured it is not possible to alter any of the data, making electronic document storage a secure solution to storing important documentation. In recent years electronic images have become acceptable as evidence in law allowing the destruction of original documentation and enabling cost reductions in document storage and retrieval.

Our process is very simple and requires no effort on your behalf. Following an initial meeting to identify the benefits of electronic document storage for you, we will agree a prioritised schedule of work.

We provide a regular collection service for our customers and can also supply security storage boxes. A certificate is issued for the collection of your records and all documentation is registered at our premises which allows us to provide a document retrieval service whilst the scanning process is undertaken giving ongoing access to your records.

Once your documents are scanned, we audit the quality of the process and then produce a master CD which is then installed by us onto your computer equipment. We store the original documentation whilst you audit the work undertaken and once you are completely satisfied we will ask you to authorise a destruction certificate which details the documents to be destroyed. Documents are destroyed using a secure shredding process. Some of our customers request original documentation to be returned to them.

our process

The question we are most often asked is: can I destroy the original documentation once it has been scanned? And the answer is, as long as you follow the correct process in committing your records to read more...

document scanning

We scan documents in PDF, JPEG and TIFF formats and work with all paper sizes up to A0. We specialise in working with client sensitive data. The size of images produced as industry standard read more...

quality control

The equipment used is preset to settings for image quality to control the output of images to pre-agreed customer settings. These settings will be determined with you through the processing of a read more...

microfiche conversion

You may already have invested previously in committing paper records to microfiche format and wish now to convert these to a computer based system so that your records can be accessible over your IT read more...

security shredding

Documents which are to be retained following scanning will be returned directly to source or to a nominated storage facility. However where records are to be destroyed, disposal will be managed read more...

paper recycling services

The green issue is never far from business’ minds these days. Whether you have a natural moral leaning to save the planet by ‘doing your bit’ or are motivated by Corporate Social read more...

web hosted document archive

Customers who use our 'affiliate portal' access their electronic document archive via a secure-access web hosted document management system called ADOS. ADOS document management: web read more...
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